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Our campaign is about all of Southaven, not one area or another.  It’s about every neighborhood, every family, and the issues affecting those within our city limits.  That’s why you won’t hear me spending time on politics or fundraising, rather what we can do to build an even better city that works for all Southaven residents.


Developers and special interests won’t like what I have to say, but they don’t live here.  We do.  Far too often, residents are left behind by politicians who are focused on what developers and outside interests want, instead of us.  For me, it’s about doing what’s best for our city and putting Southaven first – not special interests or developers.

As your mayor, I will always be about Southaven.  I will deliver on economic development, talent acquisition and retention, and new opportunities – And not just warehouses.  I will work to support local entrepreneurship and ensure it’s easy to open shop in Southaven by eliminating any bureaucratic red tape, that affects small business owners.  I will fiercely defend our neighborhoods by supporting our police and fire and ensuring they have the funds and tools needed to deter Memphis crime.  And I will always put your voices ahead of campaign donors or developers.  And that’s my pledge to you.