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Tommy Henley is a proven business owner with an enormous heart for Southaven. He is a former Southaven Charger and bleeds orange and blue to this day. He grew up off Highway 51 in Colonial Hills. Tommy is devoted to our city. He is raising his family here. Having owned and operated a successful, local business, Tommy is ready to work for Southaven and its residents.

“Southaven is a special place for my family and me. I have spent the better part of my life working to make our city a better place. There is more work to be done. Southaven has some big challenges ahead of it. With the right leadership, we can rise to our potential as the ‘Top of Mississippi’. I truly believe I have the right experience and passion for the job,” Tommy said.

Born in 1967, Tommy has lived most of his life in Southaven. He had numerous opportunities to venture out of DeSoto County but chose to stay at home. Tommy cherishes our city and he wants to take care of it. He wants to take care of it for every resident who calls Southaven home.

Tommy has no political ambitions beyond becoming Southaven’s mayor and will make it a priority to serve every citizen of Southaven. Growing up in a family that emphasized selfless service, Tommy still embraces that approach today. He is acknowledged for being a successful entrepreneur. The small business that began with just a truck and trailer grew to a multi-million dollar business through hard work and determination. More than a successful businessman, Tommy also has a heart for people. He cares about people and goes out of his way to help them. He doesn’t do this because he has to, he does it because he wants to.

Though money was tight growing up, he was raised by his parents to be respectful, work hard, and have empathy for others. His parents were sharecroppers in Arkansas before moving to Mississippi. They both worked in Southaven. His dad worked at DeSoto Redi-Mix on Stateline Road. His mom worked at Big Star on Highway 51. At age 13, Tommy wanted to play baseball but his parents couldn’t afford a glove for him. So, he did what he had to do and started working at Military Surplus in Southaven to earn money. He has been working ever since. His dream job is to work for Southaven as your new mayor.

Tommy was a good student and graduated from Southaven High School. Instead of college, he chose a different path………work. This decision has worked out well for him. Tommy is able to make good judgments and quick decisions when it comes to business. Those skills have come through day-to-day operations of the business he has worked from the ground up. He just gets it.

Tommy has been married to Michele Henley for 30 years and they have 4 daughters. Their daughters are products of DeSoto County Schools and are thriving members of our community.  Tommy, along with his family, has a passion for Southaven and wants what’s best for our wonderful city.