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Let me start by saying I’m not a politician. I’m a businessman, a father and husband.  A government outsider.  My company works with hazardous waste as a byproduct in the medical manufacturing industry – hard, dangerous work.  I have spent a good part of my life growing my small business and doing what I can to help others, like my employees, make life a little better, and now I want to do it for all of Southaven.

Having grown up here, I’ve learned that, for the most part, our residents want the same things: a good paying job, good schools, and safe streets.  I hope to earn your trust in the coming months and deliver those things for your family and give you a seat at the decision-making table at City Hall.

I am deeply ingrained in the community that built me.  In fact, I bleed orange and blue.  It’s this community, its people, and the relationships that motivated me to run.  For me, it’s about Southaven first and foremost, not party politics.  That’s why I decided to run as an Independent – because there’s no Republican or Democrat way to pave a road, provide superior service at City Hall or repair a streetlight.

To put it briefly, my party affiliation is Southaven.

I believe, together, we can accomplish great things and find practical solutions to our local issues, regardless of party or politics. If truth be told, our city employees and its residents are from a wide spectrum of beliefs and way of life.

From one resident to another, I love this city, and my goal isn’t to be a career politician, but simply be a mayor that can tap into our full potential. The potential to build an even better city and one that works for all residents. A safe city. A prosperous, but affordable city. A city at the top and proud to call home.

  • A Southaven with better paying, quality jobs and a dynamic, distinct economy – and not just warehouses or distribution centers. We need a company headquarters.
  • A Southaven where residents feel safe and protected from the spillover crime across state lines.
  • A Southaven where every taxpayer can rest easy that they’re getting a fair return on their investment to live here.
  • A Southaven that sees all people for the human beings that they are and respects each other regardless of our differences or their zip code.
  • A Southaven where neighborhoods actually take pride in their community.
  • A Southaven that proudly advertises being, just that, the top of Mississippi and lives up to the hype.

Finally and once more, our campaign is about residents first, regardless of what neighborhood or zip code your in.  It’s about capturing missed opportunities and hitting the benchmarks necessary for success – not politics or fundraising.

This campaign is about functioning at a higher capacity.  It’s about our neighborhoods, and the residents who chose to reside here to begin with.  It’s about the old and new businesses and making it easy for them to expand or open shop.  It’s about doing what’s best for our city and putting Southaven first – not special interests or developers.

As your mayor, I will always be about Southaven.  I will deliver on economic development, talent acquisition and retention, and new opportunities.  I will work to support local entrepreneurship and ensure it’s easy to open shop in Southaven by eliminating any bureaucratic red tape, that affects small business owners.

I will fiercely defend our neighborhoods by supporting our police and fire and ensuring they have the funds and tools needed to deter Memphis crime. And I will do the hard work every day to address the issues that affect their paychecks, our families, and our quality of life.